.General Sales Conditions


CO.M.P.ES. S.p.A. is considered reliable and indispensable partner by the most important groups of extruders in the world in the manufacture of dies for aluminium.

It is thanks to the experience in the field of aluminium extrusion that Compes products have an excellent reputation in the world market.

The constant search for quality, punctual and efficient service, assistance and advice, innovation in technology are elements that the company has made over the years, cornerstones of its business.





  Online Support

Compes in the world


COLT is a system for orders management,
that takes place entirely online. Thanks to COLT the interaction between Compes and their customers, between engineers and correctors, is simple and quick.

SENDRA is a search engine for profiles geometries
that in a few seconds offers a list of similar geometric shapes and any attached data that are present in the customer's database.