Simple and effective tool for
the management of orders.

COLT (Compes OnLine Tecnical support) is a service that Compes Group offers to its customers.


You log on to COLT by any computer and a standard Internet access.

A practical, simple and fast way to check, answer, confirm feasibility studies, report corrections on existing projects, storing or viewing photos, videos and data acquired in the extrusion process on the press.
Searching, browsing, comparing, analyzing, printing projects and relevant revisions made over time becomes simple and intuitive.

COLT was not born with the sole purpose of being a useful tool for the Correction Department:
we consider it capable of helping effectively the work of other departments such as:

Press Department

Correction Department

Technical Department

Sales Department

Plant Manager


Access to COLT allows the display of the archive from the client computer that concerns him: the projects under study, corrections, changes over time and stored in our database (including revisions, dates and comments that are usually given in the cartouche).

The client can:

Answer Studies

View projects and relevant revisions

Correct & Change Projects

Look for Similar Projects

Getting feedback and evaluations

Compare and Analyze Historical Data

Constant technical assistance

COLT (Compes OnLine Tecnical support) is a service that Compes Group offers to its customers.

Access records and security

Accesses to COLT are monitored, so it will always be possible to trace the user who had access to the system, determine the subject and time of the modification stored in the Database.

The login passwords can be enabled or disabled if misconduct should occur by their owners (data confidentiality, information shared with competitors, move to a new company, etc...)