facilitates the expulsion of the die from the die holder in complete safety for operator and die. The work carried out safely and correctly represents a clear cost saving.

The difficulty to remove die from die-holder

In order to remove the die from the die-holder many extruders use a heavy sledgehammer to knock out the die from the ring.
This method is especially risky for flat dies that have high tongue ratios and portholes that have fragile mandrels because the sudden shock of the hammer blow can fracture these areas or start cracks.
Even appliances with a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder manufactured by an inexperienced machine shop or by the extruder himself can cause serious injury to personnel if safety codes are not followed.
It often happens that the simple die removing operation becomes complicated, above all if aluminium is trapped inside the ring or there is a misalignment during separation.
Even worse if the holder lip is damaged or if the die is damaged. At this point the entire die stack must be sent to the die shop for a long and difficult repair.

With the Die Removing Machine this task is kept simple and effective because the high continuous and uniform strength applied by the cylinder is discharged axially on the piece to be removed.
This is placed on a plate built on purpose to keep it lined up with the thrust centre


Operator's safety is ensured by the compulsory use of both hands in the pushbuttons, by the guards that on the loading side prevent any interference with the workspace, and by the protection in the unloading side to avoid the drop of the die. All safety guards are equipped with safety switches.
The frame is made of thick steel plates to counter the power of the machine. In the standard configuration DRM is available in three versions: the small (DRM 70) for diameters of die-holders up to 420 mm (16,5"), the intermediate (DRM 100) up to 530 mm (20,9") and the big (DRM 140) up to 650 mm (25,6"). It can be constructed with adequate power and structure even for very large diameters. The machine can be used also for die holders equipped with incorporated feeder plate. Upon request we can design and produce a special version that allows multiple uses on the same machine.

Technical specifications

DRM 70 DRM 100 DRM 140
Release power 70 ton 100 ton 140 ton
Hydraulic capacity 80 l 120 l 120 l
Pump Low and high pressure
Installed power 4 Kw 5 Kw 6 Kw
Maximum pressure 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
Ejection cylinder Ø 200 mm Ø 250 mm Ø 300 mm
Stem Ø 120 mm Ø 150 mm Ø 150 mm
Cylinder stroke 300 mm 350 mm 400 mm
Maximum outside die-holder Ø 420 mm 530 mm 650 mm
Maximum die-holder height As a function of customer's request
Weight 1250 Kg 2100 Kg 2400 Kg
Overall dimensions 2000 mm x 820 mm x h 1150 mm 2430 mm x 900 mm x h 1340 mm 2700 mm x 900 mm x h 1400 mm

The machine is supplied in compliance with CE standards or alternative ones.
Compes reserves the right to apply without prior notification any technical modification deemed necessary or as a function of specific requests.