is a curious thing.

“It gives you great gifts in one hand, and stabs you from behind with the other.”

Charles Percy Snow

COMPES has always invested in the search for new solutions, making management of orders more efficient and production solid.

Systems for the design and manufacture of dies were mostly developed in-house and partly in collaboration with renowned software houses.

Among the software developed entirely in-house we mention COLT and SENDRA©.
The former is a powerful software for the online management of orders, but also a tool of full interaction between Compes and customers.
The latter is a sophisticated search engine for profiles geometries and associated data that each customer of ours can use within his own database.

Among recent collaborations: the QForm Extrusion software that allows to define the proper functioning of the die, the quality of the extruded profile and the parameters of die life.

University research collaborations

For many years Compes has cooperated with
major Italian and foreign Universities and for innovation.

Thanks to technological experimentation, Compes made great strides in the field of extrusion, implementing simulation systems, automation, control and analysis.
In this way the company could greatly improve quality and reduce processing times for the benefit of costs and production timing of customers.

Quality control and analysis

Each Compes product is guaranteed and certified, because the production process ends with the verification of Quality Department: the area is modern and equipped with the best measurement tools.

Compes also has a Metallographic Laboratory analyzing the purchased steel, controlling resilience and checking the quality of steel heat treatment.
The metallurgist finds out the causes of distortions, anomalous breaks and crackings; if necessary he checks the quality of nitriding.
The laboratory also performs the function of customer service.