Milestones for COMPES technical-production growth are: 1998 year of establishment of Compes France and 2000 start of Compes International.
The choice was not to create many small businesses that depended entirely on the headquarters, but solid units relying on their own energy and capable to pass on to associates the result of their experiences.

CO.M.P.ES. FRANCE, located about 70 km North from Paris, has a constantly expanding market whose main customers are extruders of the central-north European market, in particular France and Belgium, and Maghreb in North Africa.
CO.M.P.ES. FRANCE is particularly appreciated for the high quality of its products, the result of continued investment in personnel, equipment and continuous development of innovative software designed by the inside developers.
The experience gained from the years when it was "R & D department", within the extrusion of SOFTAL-Pechiney, was the springboard for the subsequent major innovations implemented in the design and production departments.
Collaboration and impeccable deliveries complete the service offered by Compes France.

CO.M.P.ES. France
Route de Chauny, BP 30
80400 Brouchy (France)

P +33 0322793090
F +33 0322793081

CO.M.P.ES. INTERNATIONAL is situated near Toronto, focal business point between Canada, the United States and South America.
Established in 2000, the first 10 years of life were celebrated by introducing a radical change in the company, with a renewal of management, staff and technical-production means. Long been regarded as one of the best producers of dies and equipment for the extrusion market in the Americas, Compes International is able to support at the best all types of customers, from large multinational companies to private extruders.
The continuous discussion and the exchange of new design and production techniques with the Italian headquarters and the French subsidiary, allow Compes International to maintain an undisputed leadership over time and to offer its customers the most innovative worldwide state of the art.

CO.M.P.ES. International Ltd
Devon Road Brampton, 25
L6T5B6 Ontario (Canada)

P +1 9054585994
F +1 9054585972

COMPES DEUTSCHLAND UG is the new subsidiary, set up in late 2015 and fully operational by early 2016.
It was born as a service centre for customers in Central Europe and especially in Germany. Collaborators, designers and sales engineers will thus be able to support in the best way and with reduced delivery time any need or requirement of the customer.

CO.M.P.ES. Deutschland Ug
Ringstr., 77
42897 Remscheid (Deutschland)

P +49 21916949710
F +49 21916949715