Among the successful achievements: being considered reliable and indispensable partner for the most important groups of extruders in the world.


The vision

Constant search for quality, efficient service, assistance and consulting, constant research and innovation, these are all strong points now recognized worldwide for CO.M.P.ES. spa.

The deep commitment to pursue quality and efficiency and the experience gathered in this field have made Compes reference in the world of aluminium extrusion.
Compes believes strongly in research and has always invested in design of new information solutions, production methods and equipment with high technological level; this allows an active confrontation with the market and confirms Compes products at the top of the sector.

The mission

EXTRUSION SOLUTIONS is a summary of the targets that Compes has reached in years in the field and is offering to its customers: a range of diversified products and in continuous development.
Not only dies for aluminium extrusion, but also tooling and ancillary equipment.
Several products are designed, patented and manufactured by the best specialists; for example, the Oven with independent drawers for dies preheating in vacuum and DCS - Die Corrector Station, workstation for correction departments.

The partners

The company ASCONA cooperates from 2006 with Compes for profiles optical measuring systems during the production process: in particular, it has developed and is providing an optical system with Carl Zeiss telecentric lens.
From 2011 the company BARALDI MOTUL-Tech cooperates with Compes in the field of lubricants and release agents used in extrusion plants.

Compes started testing the extrusion simulation software in 2000, first collaborating with ALTAIR Engineering, also participating in the development and improvement of their software and since 2006 has included the Q-FORM software with which it will collaborate in its production process actively.