The product range of Compes

is not limited to the construction of extrusion dies and equipment but it also offers specific machinery to facilitate the various processes in the departments of correction and production.

The extrusion industry is increasingly looking for partners to offer innovative and appropriate solutions to achieve competitive advantages in terms of processes, products and costs.

The Compes strategy aims exactly at meeting these market needs and offering itself as a partner ready to cooperate actively, not only as a manufacturer of dies, but also of all those parts relating to the extrusion process, analyzing and proposing effective solutions in terms of finance, production and accident prevention.

The production activities offered range from dies to special tooling with important technological contents, but over the years they have extended to irreplaceable machines that are a valuable support to the extrusion process.

Innovative solutions used in the construction of various types of equipment meet the customer's favour because they comply with the more and more binding standards in terms of safety and ensure saving of energy, time and costs.

The cooperation with the company BARALDI - MOTUL Tech, Castel S. Pietro (BO) Italy, covers the promotion and marketing of lubricants and release agents used in extrusion plants. Their products, in addition to admirably meet every need and situation in the extrusion, are eco-friendly.

The technical features of existing machines can be modified according to specific customer requests.
Compes is always open to the identification of new machinery to make extruders activity easier and more effective.