The Core Business

To date Compes know-how represents the state of the art in the field of extrusion dies production.

Quality and profitability of the die, stability and reliability over time, extrusion cost reduction.

These are the cornerstones of Compes production method and to ensure nothing is left to chance: for each die a careful technical analysis takes place before proceeding with the design; often for the most complex dies, Compes International is consulted, in order to evaluate the range of solutions and define the best for the customer.

The method of construction of the die is defined according to the press power and the characteristics of the profile to be extruded.
Data that are reprocessed by Compes engineers thanks to the support of software produced in-house.

Compes has designed and tested different types of dies: blade webs, pear webs, speed up, with or without incorporated feeder plate, welding chambers with counterforce, pre-chambers with steps for flat and porthole dies.

The production capacity is more than 1800 dies per month and ranges from 30 to 1200 mm.
Compes supplies dies also for the "Conform" system and for "Indirect extrusion".

The different extruder's needs are always on top for Compes that thanks to their thorough knowledge of extrusion processes and aluminium alloys is offering a daily efficient and updated technical support.

For the die manufacture, Compes is using special steels and treatments, hard metal and special coatings; in addition, the design department relies on software for FEM simulation and verification.

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